The Journey

Journey Training is a holistic gym that meets you where you’re at in your fitness Journey. We don’t force a specific program or style of training that doesn’t work for you. We individualize your training, modify movements, and personalize your goals for your unique needs, all while challenging you to make progress and live a healthy vibrant life.

Our coaches are highly qualified and have unique skillsets that compliment the team and the community we have created. The Journey to great health can be challenging, which is why a Tribe of like-minded people is essential to reach your goals. Let us help Transform your life through the JOURNEY of training!


Transforming lives through the



Legacy- Live a life worth modeling and paving a path for many to follow. 

Tribe- Create an energetic and contagious tribe of people that are accountable, connected, and pursuing great health together!

Core Values

Work Ethic- Committed to working hard and staying disciplined.

Integrity- Doing the right thing even when it’s difficult.

People- Build genuine relationships with members that has a lasting impact in and out of the gym.

Communication- Talk through expectations