Tempe Athletic Performance Training

If you want your child to excel at a young age, you need to set them up with Performance Training. ALL young athletes will benefit from a great strength and conditioning coach to push them to get bigger, faster, and stronger, all while staying healthy.

Sports are more competitive than ever, and the physical demands can be extreme at times. Performance Training is designed to help young athletes build the capacity so they are fit to handle tournaments, and a long year of ball that can oftentimes cause unnecessary wear and tear on the body.


"In high school I never took strength training serious. When I started college, I knew it was time to get serious. Within the first few months at Journey Training, I gained 10lbs of muscle, increased strength, and durability. I competed in my first healthy baseball season in 4 years! I felt strong all season long and was by far the healthiest on my team." -Nathan Chokey, Pitcher/Outfielder- University of New Mexico


"In only 3 months Tanner helped me gain 12lbs of muscle and increase my squat by 100lbs! He creates challenging workouts that constantly push you to be better. He emphasizes perfect technique to ensure that each athlete avoids unnecessary injury." - Garrett Poole, Pitcher- UNLV

"Tanner helped me focus on strengthening my physical weaknesses to make me the best athlete possible. Playing professional baseball is very demanding, and strength training and conditioning is crucial to competing at a high level. Tanner pushes you to constantly get better, and motivates you to be the best." - Trever Allen, Los Angeles Angels


our Mission

Our mission is not just creating stronger athletes. We invest in young men and women and help shape their character, work ethic, communication skills, and help them to value education, showing up on time, being coachable, and working in a team environment. We desire to see every athlete we work with excel and enjoy their time competing for as long as possible. Our staff has devoted a lot of time to crafting the skills and knowledge to help prescribe the most effective training programs for each athlete. We are competitive and expect excellence from everyone that we work with. Let us help Transform your life through the JOURNEY of training!

Want to make this easy?

Join our Athletic Performance group at Journey Training. Dedicated accountability, individual programs in a group setting, and sport specific training. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, this is the place to train.